Tuesday, December 23, 2014

New Website Review-Prom Dresses!

I was honored when Lisa from Prom Times contacted me for review again. I had previously done a review on her website of fabulous dresses before, and wanted to work with me again for another project. This time, she has a new website that you can see on the link above. It's full of high quality, yet inexpensive dresses perfect for prom 2015! But there are other styles of dresses too perfect for any occasion. Here are some of my favorites and a little info about them.

This is a beautiful A-line Bateau Capped Knee-Length Grape Chiffon prom dress in style ISO142 for only $90! This is a fun, springy, flirty dress that's the perfect color to complement all skin tones! This is easy to dress up or down, and for 75% off?! It's a STEAL!

The next one is my absolute favorite!

This looks so Grecian, I love it! It's also a bit more traditional looking, but with a modern twist. This one is an A-lie V-neck Sleeveless Beading Sweep Train with Chiffon in LF12815. This one is ONLY $99 PLUS the 75% off of that! This can be worn for evenings :) You can also choose your very own color of chiffon for this dress. So if you're not feeling white, there are the colors of the spectrum at your choosing when you go and check this out on their website! They offer many different views of the dresses too. This dress I think would compliment more shorter girls since it will lenghen their legs making it look endless! You're sure to get lots of compliments on this one!

 Right now, they're offering 75% off plus FREE SHIPPING on orders 200 pounds or over. So head on over there now. Don't miss the great sales! Shipping is super fast and remember FREE plus the very generous discount! Tell your friends to check out Prom Times now! Let me know what you think :)

Saturday, November 1, 2014

BH Cosmetics California Collection

I've been a fan of BH Cosmetics since the beginning, and their products have improved so much over time. If there's any company who does QUALITY at an AFFORDABLE price, it's them.

While this particular collection has been out for a little while, I was still excited to receive this little "teaser," if you will, of an eyeshadow palette that takes one eyeshadow of each of the three palette collections they have: San Francisco, Hollywood, and Malibu...on sale for only $6.95 each!! Each palette features 16 eyeshadows and four blushes. You can view the entire California Collection palettes and more at bhcosmetics.com! 

These colors are gorgeous, but I wish they complimented each other more!

 They weren't as pigmented as I thought, so they definitely need a good base underneath in order for the colors to really stand out! The most pigmented of the bunch is Malibu.

I attempted to create a quickie look using all three shades just to see how they'd wear :)

Overall, the eyeshadows were easy to apply, blendable, and most importantly, buildable (since you needed to really pack on the color to get any sort of pigmentation). It's definitely a good idea (and a steal!) to purchase all three sets, which I did. Once they arrive, I'll be sharing those too!

Have a great day! 

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Relaxing Spa Treatment...For Your Feet!

I've always had a problem area on my body when it comes to dry areas, and it's my feet. No matter how many times I exfoliate and moisturize, dry patches re-emerge and thick calluses stubbornly stay put. It's frustrating, but not surprising. I bet no one really stops to think just how much we put our feet through on a daily basis! All the standing and walking we do can take a toll. The average person walks 10,000 steps...AVERAGE PERSON! That's a lot of steps! It can all be taken for granted, but our feet do so much for us without even realizing it. So it's no wonder that they take quite a beating by day's end! It can be especially hard during winter season when they're being suffocated in thick socks and boots all day. So at night, it's important to let them breathe and give them a quick massage!

But...what about all that dryness? Unless you're a person who has the time and money to go in for regular quality pedicures, you'd opt for a quick at-home treatment that's just as relaxing and soothing as a spa...and good for your feet! I'm really glad I came across this because it's super easy.

You'll need:
-Listerine: Any kind will work
-Measuring cup
-A bowl big enough to dip your feet in

You then pour half a cup of Listerine, half a cup of Vinegar, and one full cup of (manageable) hot water into a bowl. Dip your feet in, and let soak for at least 15 minutes. You won't feel any sensation, but trust me, it definitely works. The ingredients work together to penetrate deep into the dry areas, and the dead skin will practically fall right off! The hot water is also very relaxing! The scent of Listerine is pretty strong, and will leave your feet smelling clean and fresh after the treatment.

When you're done, you can wipe wipe your feet dry with a small cloth.

Here were my results. This was after only 10 minutes.

This is without ANY exfoliation whatsoever. I just dipped them in and out. I was amazed! No trace of dead skin left, and I quickly applied lotion afterwards to seal in the moisture. 

If you have thick, rough calluses like I do, this treatment helps with that as well! I have severe calluses that require a doctor removing them, but I noticed about 10 minutes after this treatment, one part of my callus literally just fell right off on its own. I was very happy about that!

The best part is that the results are long-lasting. I've done this treatment just once so far, and at the time of this post, it's been three days since I have. My feet are still smooth and hydrated! Though this treatment is strong enough to slough away the dead skin, it's also gentle enough on your feet to use every day.

I'd recommend this treatment because it's so relaxing and effective. It also doesn't cost anything because, more than likely, all the ingredients are ones that you already have in your home.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Loverly: Wedding Dresses & Makeup!

This is one of the most exciting posts I've made in a while! As some of you may know, I am currently planning my wedding. I never thought something could be SO fun yet SO stressful at the same time! I also never knew just how picky I could be until it came time to look at and try on wedding dresses. One thing I knew for sure, though, was the kind of makeup I wanted to wear that day. Soft and romantic with a hint of smoke and drama! So when Loverly sent me three wedding dresses and asked me to use my beauty expertise in pairing makeup looks that would compliment the dresses, I knew I couldn't pass that up! I had so much fun coming up with these looks, and it gave me even more inspiration in my own journey to choosing the perfect dress! I had never heard of the company before, and when I visited their site, I was amazed at their inventory of dresses...and all at equally amazing prices. Truth be told, I just might buy my own wedding dress from there!

The first dress I chose is my favorite silhouette; the class ball gown! 
Casablanca Beaded Organza Ball Gown
This gorgeous ball gown is Style 1992 from Casablanca's wedding collection. It's made of sheer organza over silky satin, strapless, and a sweetheart neckline. The gown has silver bead work, lace appliqus that are accented with Swarovski crystals and crystal sequins, and crystal buttons that go down the whole gown. It retails for $1,000. 

A dress this classic, traditional, and timeless can be complimented with equally elegant makeup that is soft and romantic. The ball gowns are already heavy dresses. So the makeup must be toned down to balance everything out. This is what I've personally picked out for the dress...
A soft smokey eye with neutral nails and lips are the way to go for this one. Natural is key! With a flush of color on the cheeks, you'll look just as elegant and timeless as the gown you're wearing! 

Products in this pic: 1). Naked 2 Basic Palette by Urban Decay ($29) sephora.com 2). Givenchy Beauty Le Prisme Blush in It Girl Purple ($42) net-a-porter.com 3). Charlotte Tilbury Lip Lustre Lip Gloss in Seduction ($22) bergdorfgoodman.com 4). Deborah Lippmann Lacquer ($18) revolveclothing.com

My next pick was this beautiful mermaid gown!
Taffeta Mermaid Gown with Floral Sash

This show-stopping taffeta mermaid silhouette is sure to turn heads when you walk down the aisle! It has softly beaded strapless bodice and a removable taffeta sash at the waste with a floral detail. The best thing about this dress? The price. It is only $100!

Mermaid gowns bring out all the right features of the body! This silhouette is modern and flirtatious. So for that, I decided to go with makeup that echoed that style. 

The palette of colors in this picture is soft, feminine, and flirty, which perfectly compliments this mermaid gown.  Smoked out colors on the eyes paired with pinkish nude lips and light pink nails top off this ultra romantic, feminine look. 

Products in this pic: 1). Chanel Les 4 Ombres Multi-Effect Quadra Eyeshadow ($64) harrods.com 2). Lorac Alter Ego Lipstick ($16) zappos.com 3). Lust for Lacquer Lip Vinyl ($28) marcjacobs.com 4). Essie Sheer Nail Polish in Hi Maintenance ($7) 6pm.com

Last, but definitely not least, I chose a super fun, non-traditional short dress!
Gardenia Gown

This fun and frilly gown features rouched chantily lace with a sweetheart bodice and a knee length last cut floral detailed skirt. This one retails for only $1,495!

A women who's into this style is young, fun, and loves to wow! So I wanted to throw in a makeup style that would really be true to that type of personality! This is what I would pair it with:
The makeup for this style should be just as showstopping as the dress! I would do a neutral eye that's slightly smoked out with a bit of glitter gently tapped on to the lid. This in combination with one of my favorite mascaras ever will make the eyes stand out. The glitters on the nails will help to bring out and compliment the hint of glitter on the eyes, and that'll really make them pop. Finish off the look with a bold hot pink lip, and everything will be just as bold and fun as the dress you're wearing!

Products in this pic: 1). Bobbi Brown Limited Edition Warm Eye Palette ($49) neimanmarcus.com 2). Maybelline Big Eyes Mascara ($7) nelly.com 3). T. LeClerc Lipstick in Candeur ($25) barneys.com 4). Goldie Nail Polish ($14) julep.com

What do you think of the gowns I selected and the makeup paired with each one? How would YOU style a particular silhouette? I'd love to hear your thoughts! Please don't forget to check out Loverly once again! It's a fantastic site, and I'm already addicted! 

Have a great day :)

Monday, October 13, 2014

Blushes & Butterflies: Welcome To My Blog

Hello there, and welcome to my blog: Blushes & Butterflies! 

Firstly, I'd like to thank all my followers who've been so patient and stuck with me since the beginning. I've taken a long break from blogging, and my return has been long overdue. I've been blogging regularly since the spring of 2011, but had been struggling with many personal issues since last year, which caused me to go on a blogging hiatus. Blogging has always been such a huge passion of mine, and since I finally have my life back on track, I knew I couldn't wait any longer to come back and pick up where I left off here. This was originally and purely a beauty blog, but my life has changed so much over the past year and a half that I wanted to change what this blog was about too so that it better reflected who I am now. Therefore, it's now a beauty and lifestyle blog! Below, I'm going to outline a few things about what this blog means to me, what it's all about, and what you can expect to see in my posts from now on!

The Name: Blushes & Butterflies is a name I chose for my blog because it represents what my blog is about. "Blushes" to represent beauty and "Butterflies" to represent life. Blushes are one of my favorite makeup items, and I own more of them in different shades and colors than anything else in my collection. Butterflies are beautiful, and have become a symbol of transformation and new beginnings, which is what I've gone through in my own personal life. So "Blushes & Butterflies" just seemed fitting.

Purpose & Content: I sparked an interest in beauty and makeup in 2011 when I first joined Luuux, another blogging site. From there, things developed, and I eventually went on to make my own blog where I could review beauty products from makeup to skincare to hair and even nails. It's something I really enjoyed and had a passion for. The blogging community was warm, welcoming, and super supportive of each other. I was really proud to be a part of such a community, and it's been a truly rewarding experience. So I will continue to review beauty products with tips, tricks, and occasional DIY. You can also expect to see makeup looks, nail art, "favorites" posts, and hauls. 

As mentioned before, I went through a very hard time this past year and a half that forced me to re-evaluate my life. I won't go into details, but I had certain negative events going on that had led me to spiral into severe depression. Eventually, by the will of God, there came a point in my life where I decided I didn't want to live like that anymore. So I began taking active measures to turn my life around. It was a long, trying process, but I'm thankful to now be in a position where I can genuinely say I'm happy and content. Looking back, I am thankful for all the experiences I had in the past because without them, I wouldn't have been able to recognize my own strength. All of this has inspired me to write a self-help book, which I'm currently working on, so that I can help others who are going through the same things I've gone through. This is why I've decided to make this a lifestyle blog as well. Here, you'll see inspirational quotes, advice, and lessons I've personally learned that, I hope, will be as helpful to those who need it as much as it was helpful to me. I will note that this blog won't be bogged down and heavy with the seriousness of the posts! My goal is to have them be light, fresh, to-the-point, and relateable. Everyone needs a light of inspiration in their lives-whether that be in beauty, fashion, life...or all the above!

I can't wait to get started! Thanks for reading, and I look forward to talking to you in my next post! Have a great day! xo

Friday, August 15, 2014

Aviva Dress

Hi all!

I do apologize for my long departure from blogging, but life has made it impossible for me to get any time in for it. It depressed me to be away for so long from one of my greatest passions and hobbies, but I do plan on making a big come back with a HUGE update on what's been going on with me lately.

One of those things happens to be that I'm having a wedding in a few months! Would you believe I still don't have a wedding dress? Crazy, right? I never realized how picky I could be over a dress, especially since I don't wear a lot of them. I've been searching all over in stores and even online for styles and silhouettes that I like. One of the websites I came across was so amazing in style, selection, and price that I HAD to share with you all.

It's called Aviva Dress, and can be found by visiting http://www.avivadress.co.uk/. They are based in the UK, but ship worldwide, and they have outstanding customer service. This site has a magnitude of beautiful dresses including prom dresses, wedding dresses, cocktail dresses, bridesmaid dresses, and everything in between both long and short. Additionally, size (there's a wide range of sizes from petite to plus size) and color are 100% customizable.

There are plenty of positive reviews and customer testimonials (with pictures of them wearing the dresses)! So this site is clearly legit and has many happy, loyal customers. As for me, I don't think I'll buy a wedding dress from this site (or any site lol), but bridesmaids dresses are a definite purchase in the near future! I'll be sure to upload those when they arrive.

Here are my personal favorites from the site!

Aren't they beautiful? There are way more where they came from! So please check out the site, and tell me what YOUR favorite dresses are :)

Have a good weekend! xo

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Julep Maven Noelle & Hannah

It's always exciting every month when it comes time to choose my Maven box. I'm Boho Glam, and that's the one I stick with most of the time. Here are two of the nail colors I received.

Hannah is a sage green cream shade.

Noelle is a sandy beach silk shade.

  Both of the colors, much like the rest of the Julep line, apply evenly, are true to the colors in the bottle, and only takes two (sometimes even one) complete coats to become opaque.

Colors, like scent, are going to appeal to different people differently. Personally, while the colors are pretty, I wasn't as fond of Hannah as I was of Noelle simply because that shade of green may not look good on ladies with fair skin like me. Noelle is a unique, universal type of shade that will compliment anyone, however :)

If you haven't already, check out the amazing selection Julep has on their site here!

What do you think of these colors?

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Volum' Express Falsies Big Eyes Mascara Review

This Volum' Express Big Eyes mascara retails for around $9.50. You can get it for less in some stores depending on where you shop. I got mine at Walgreens.

I was really excited to try this out because this was the first mascara I've ever used with a separate applicator especially designed for the lower lashes. It features a quick-dry formula that holds lashes in place.

My experience with this mascara has been both good and bad. The lower lash brush works extremely well. It gives them volume and separates them nicely. I really like how it's the perfect size to really catch every single lash, which is sometimes difficult to do on the bottom, but this captures them well. I was overall disappointed with the upper lash applicator. Those it gave my upper lashes more volume and a bit of length, the bristles tended to build up a lot of formula, which caused it to clump my lashes together, giving me the "spider lash" look.

-Great lower lashes brush
-Separates well
-Applies evenly
-Dries quickly
-Doesn't smudge
-Gives overall big-eyed, natural look

-Not so great upper lash brush
-Dry formula
-Clumps lashes together
-Formula build up
-Flakes on the upper lashes

This is a 50/50. I love the lower lash brush. I don't love the upper lash one. The cons all relate to the upper lash mascara, not the lower one. In the end, I'd recommend this product because it still gives a nice enough natural "wide-eyed" look, which is what this mascara is all about. I also wish it helped curl my lashes like some of my other mascaras do, but that's neither here nor there. I also dislike how dry the formula is. I normally do not wait until my lashes are dry to apply another coat, but this one dried immediately, which made applying it a little difficult and, in turn, created more flakes. All in all, it's a good value for a mascara, and I'd buy again solely because of the lower lash applicator.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Arganesse Hair Treatment Review

Arganesse Hair Treatment is a leave-in therapy with argan oil. It's high in vitamin E and essential fatty acids. The pure argan oil moisturizes and adds a frizz-free shine to hair. It claims to repair, rehydrate, and restores the hair.

Price on the Arganesse website is $120 for a 3.4oz bottle. I found the same one on Amazon for $37.

Packaging is nice and elegant. I love that it has a matching velvet drawstring pouch as well.

The consistency is thin and oily.

I have been using this product every other day on wet hair (as directed) for the past five months. My hair is shoulder length, wavy, thin, dry, and damaged. My results have been favorable. I noticed immediate volume in my hair. It's also become a lot more softer, smoother, and manageable (no more tangles) as a result of this hair treatment. Also, while the formula itself feels greasy, it doesn't leave your hair a greasy mess...just shiny and healthy-looking. On top of that, this product lasts a very long time. After months of regular use, the bottle is still more than half full.

Bottom line: The aroma is very fresh and pleasant, and the hair oil gave me good, long-lasting results. So this product has delivered on its claim quite well. However, while this product can last anyone an extremely long time with regular use, it's hard to justify spending over $100 on a single hair product that doesn't give extraordinary results. This is the first hair oil I've ever used, but I'm sure I can find others that deliver the same result for a whole lot less.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Wildy Natural "Mint" & "Chic" Eyeshadows

This is a quick swatch of two of my favorite colors from Wildy Natural. They're called Mint and Chic. For some reason, I really liked the idea of these two colors together. Thoughts?