Friday, August 15, 2014

Aviva Dress

Hi all!

I do apologize for my long departure from blogging, but life has made it impossible for me to get any time in for it. It depressed me to be away for so long from one of my greatest passions and hobbies, but I do plan on making a big come back with a HUGE update on what's been going on with me lately.

One of those things happens to be that I'm having a wedding in a few months! Would you believe I still don't have a wedding dress? Crazy, right? I never realized how picky I could be over a dress, especially since I don't wear a lot of them. I've been searching all over in stores and even online for styles and silhouettes that I like. One of the websites I came across was so amazing in style, selection, and price that I HAD to share with you all.

It's called Aviva Dress, and can be found by visiting They are based in the UK, but ship worldwide, and they have outstanding customer service. This site has a magnitude of beautiful dresses including prom dresses, wedding dresses, cocktail dresses, bridesmaid dresses, and everything in between both long and short. Additionally, size (there's a wide range of sizes from petite to plus size) and color are 100% customizable.

There are plenty of positive reviews and customer testimonials (with pictures of them wearing the dresses)! So this site is clearly legit and has many happy, loyal customers. As for me, I don't think I'll buy a wedding dress from this site (or any site lol), but bridesmaids dresses are a definite purchase in the near future! I'll be sure to upload those when they arrive.

Here are my personal favorites from the site!

Aren't they beautiful? There are way more where they came from! So please check out the site, and tell me what YOUR favorite dresses are :)

Have a good weekend! xo

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Julep Maven Noelle & Hannah

It's always exciting every month when it comes time to choose my Maven box. I'm Boho Glam, and that's the one I stick with most of the time. Here are two of the nail colors I received.

Hannah is a sage green cream shade.

Noelle is a sandy beach silk shade.

  Both of the colors, much like the rest of the Julep line, apply evenly, are true to the colors in the bottle, and only takes two (sometimes even one) complete coats to become opaque.

Colors, like scent, are going to appeal to different people differently. Personally, while the colors are pretty, I wasn't as fond of Hannah as I was of Noelle simply because that shade of green may not look good on ladies with fair skin like me. Noelle is a unique, universal type of shade that will compliment anyone, however :)

If you haven't already, check out the amazing selection Julep has on their site here!

What do you think of these colors?

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Volum' Express Falsies Big Eyes Mascara Review

This Volum' Express Big Eyes mascara retails for around $9.50. You can get it for less in some stores depending on where you shop. I got mine at Walgreens.

I was really excited to try this out because this was the first mascara I've ever used with a separate applicator especially designed for the lower lashes. It features a quick-dry formula that holds lashes in place.

My experience with this mascara has been both good and bad. The lower lash brush works extremely well. It gives them volume and separates them nicely. I really like how it's the perfect size to really catch every single lash, which is sometimes difficult to do on the bottom, but this captures them well. I was overall disappointed with the upper lash applicator. Those it gave my upper lashes more volume and a bit of length, the bristles tended to build up a lot of formula, which caused it to clump my lashes together, giving me the "spider lash" look.

-Great lower lashes brush
-Separates well
-Applies evenly
-Dries quickly
-Doesn't smudge
-Gives overall big-eyed, natural look

-Not so great upper lash brush
-Dry formula
-Clumps lashes together
-Formula build up
-Flakes on the upper lashes

This is a 50/50. I love the lower lash brush. I don't love the upper lash one. The cons all relate to the upper lash mascara, not the lower one. In the end, I'd recommend this product because it still gives a nice enough natural "wide-eyed" look, which is what this mascara is all about. I also wish it helped curl my lashes like some of my other mascaras do, but that's neither here nor there. I also dislike how dry the formula is. I normally do not wait until my lashes are dry to apply another coat, but this one dried immediately, which made applying it a little difficult and, in turn, created more flakes. All in all, it's a good value for a mascara, and I'd buy again solely because of the lower lash applicator.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Arganesse Hair Treatment Review

Arganesse Hair Treatment is a leave-in therapy with argan oil. It's high in vitamin E and essential fatty acids. The pure argan oil moisturizes and adds a frizz-free shine to hair. It claims to repair, rehydrate, and restores the hair.

Price on the Arganesse website is $120 for a 3.4oz bottle. I found the same one on Amazon for $37.

Packaging is nice and elegant. I love that it has a matching velvet drawstring pouch as well.

The consistency is thin and oily.

I have been using this product every other day on wet hair (as directed) for the past five months. My hair is shoulder length, wavy, thin, dry, and damaged. My results have been favorable. I noticed immediate volume in my hair. It's also become a lot more softer, smoother, and manageable (no more tangles) as a result of this hair treatment. Also, while the formula itself feels greasy, it doesn't leave your hair a greasy mess...just shiny and healthy-looking. On top of that, this product lasts a very long time. After months of regular use, the bottle is still more than half full.

Bottom line: The aroma is very fresh and pleasant, and the hair oil gave me good, long-lasting results. So this product has delivered on its claim quite well. However, while this product can last anyone an extremely long time with regular use, it's hard to justify spending over $100 on a single hair product that doesn't give extraordinary results. This is the first hair oil I've ever used, but I'm sure I can find others that deliver the same result for a whole lot less.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Wildy Natural "Mint" & "Chic" Eyeshadows

This is a quick swatch of two of my favorite colors from Wildy Natural. They're called Mint and Chic. For some reason, I really liked the idea of these two colors together. Thoughts?

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Pop of Purple

Here's a rather simple "eye of the day" look. Neutral on top and a pop of color on the bottom. I'm strongly considering not posting up any more of these looks unless it's a tutorial. I find it rather pointless to just put up a picture of the day's makeup without anything AND on other blogs. What are your thoughts? All (constructive) comments are welcome.

Monday, January 6, 2014

How to Get the Most Out of Your Eyeliner

A lot of the drugstore eyeliners I purchase start off greatly pigmented at first, and then slowly lose their pigmentation over time...something that just simply sharpening them doesn't seem to help.

In order to bring back the luster that once was, I found a great tip to get the most out of your pencil eyeliner. All you'll need is a flame be it from a lighter, candle, or stove.

Take any pencil eyeliner you have, and hold it to the flame for just a quick second. Let it cool down for 15 seconds, and it is ready to be used again. You'll have a much more smooth, pigmented, and intense liner.

 The top liner is "before," and the bottom liner is "after." Notice the pigmentation and intensity.

This will also help the liner's longevity.


Sunday, January 5, 2014

The Violet VoxBox

Influenster is a great site that allows me, as a blogger, to try out different brands of makeup and other goodies. I've received several boxes over the time I've been a member with them, the latest of which was the Violet VoxBox.

Since this post is about a month late (oops!), I've already gotten a chance to try out some of the products, of which I'll post a quick review about down below. For ones I haven't tried, I'll do a separate review in a later post.

Here's what I received...

SoyJoy Dark Chocolate Cherry

From Influenster: "SOYJOY is an all-natural, gluten free snack bar made with non-GMO soybeans & real fruit pieces. Between 130-140 calories, SOYJOY is a great on-the-go snack or it can be enjoyed warm (unwrap and microwave for 8-10 seconds for a "fresh-baked" experience!) with coffee or tea."

My thoughts: It look like a delicious brownie bar to me, but it ended up only looking good, not tasting good. It was dry, and the fruit pieces were hard to taste. I didn't enjoy this one at all. 

Goody Athletique Headbands

From Influentster: "Goody Athl├ętique provides hold and comfort so you can be physically active and strong in body and mind."
My thoughts: I really like the adjustable strap, but that's about all I like about it. Unfortunately, this band constantly slipped off my head. It didn't quite have a good grip, even though I adjusted it a lot.

Sally Hansen Triple Shine Nail Color in "Statemint"

From Influenster: "New Triple Shine Nail Color! Daily defense from water and wear. Get ready for the shiniest nails ever! Water to workout, day in and day out, nothing will dull these nails. Available in 30 shades." 

My thoughts: First of all, this color is poorly named as it's very misleading. It's nowhere near "mint." I would describe it as more of a lime green type of color...maybe borderline yellow? It's a confusing color, and definitely one I find unappealing. It didn't look as bad as I thought it would on the nails (sorry for the sloppy application), but as far as the shine and claims against wear and tear? No. It's normal...just like any other normal nail polish. Applies opaque in two coats, which is always great, but it chips and wears like other polishes too. Nothing special about this one except its name. 

Montagne Jeunnesse Clay Spa 

From Influesnter: "Join the revolution and start a new weekly skincare regime with the Clay Spas from Montagne Jeunesse. These natural bamboo fabric masks are infused with clay for a cleansing experience that is better, quicker, and easier than ever before."

**I haven't tried this one yet. Separate review coming soon**

Not Your Mother's Clean Freak Refreshing Dry Shampoo

From Influenster: "I know you're busy keeping up with that social life! So don't waste precious time in the bathroom, just use Clean Freak. Get that perfect hair (and the perfect guy!) before all the other girls. Expect more room on your social calendar because this salon formula dry shampoo will you and your hair ready for a night out on the town."
**I haven't tried this one yet. Separate review coming soon**

~Products sent complimentary of Influenster~

Monday, December 30, 2013

DIY Gratitude Jar for 2014

We are in our last days of 2013. It's been a great year for me, and I hope it was for you as well. I'm sure most of you have come across this cute DIY idea from sites like Pinterest, but for those of you who don't know what it's all about, here's what it is...

Take any old regular jar, decorate it however way you want, and throughout 2014, scribble down little notes of little gifts, moments, occasions, or anything special and significant (big or small) that has happened to you. Fold it up, throw it in this jar, and on New Year's Eve, open it up the jar, and read all its contents. 

I think this is such an amazing idea, and I wish I would have done it for 2013. It's going to be really cool to see this jar fill up with my little notes throughout the year. It's so easy for us to take a lot of things for granted, especially the small stuff. We all do it. We're human. But that's what's so great about doing this. This will definitely help me realize how blessed I am, especially when I start seeing this jar slowly fill up. By the end of the year, I can literally COUNT and READ all my blessings. 

If you're new to this idea and would like to try it, here's a little advice. Don't scribble down generic things like "I'm thankful for my family," or "I'm blessed to have a roof over my head," or things like that. Of course, we should all be thankful and grateful every day for those things, but in order to make this worthwhile to YOU, be as specific as possible, and write down the date on the card too. That way, by the time you read what you wrote, it'll have more significance to you, and you might even remember the super small blessings that you more than likely would have forgotten had happened to you that year. Just thinking about it makes me smile. I can't wait to do this :)

Wishing you a fun, healthy, and happy new year,

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Julep Maven Stevie & Dahlia Nail Polishes

I've been MIA again! I'm so sorry. Life has been hitting me hard lately, and everything's been happening all at once. It's gotten to be so overwhelming, but hopefully now, I've got a better handle on things, and I'm so excited to get back into the blogging groove!

While this post is a little late, I wanted to show you what I got in my Julep Maven monthly box last month! I'm seriously becoming a nail junkie. That can be a good or bad thing depending on how you look at it! One thing with Julep I really like is they include fun or cute little extras in your box every month! So that's something cool to look forward to. Last month was a bag of candy corn, mmmm!

I am Boho Glam, and this kit came with a full sized double ended eyeliner.

With sharpener! :)

Both colors glide on super smoothly, pigmented, and are great for tight lining. The only downside to these is that they aren't waterproof, which obviously means they don't last very long, especially if you have sensitive eyes that tend to water like mine do.

These two colors are super cute, and I'm actually wearing Dahlia right now. I've yet to wear Stevie, but that's next! Dahlia is a super gold-toned yellow shimmer that's opaque in one swatch! I was really impressed with this one in particular because I've worn it for a week now, and I don't see a single chip! I usually wear polish without a top coat. So the fact this has held up strongly for as long as it has it really awesome! Stevie is a great gunmetal color, and I'm sure it'll last just as long!

If you love nail polish, getting fun surprises extras, and saving huge on deals, you're gonna love Julep! Signing up to be a Maven is really easy, and you're under no obligation to buy every month. Best part is it's less than $20 monthly, and you're guaranteed to get at least twice than that value inside your box. If you're not feeling a certain box, you can change it up or skip the month entirely at no charge. Click HERE to be a Maven today! xo

Thanks for reading, and have a great night!